About Us

About Us

At CSR we Push every boundary® to help our customers create the world’s most desirable consumer electronics.

Our technologists are inventing a seamlessly connected future by combining silicon, software and services into end-to-end solutions that unlock the true potential of the Internet of Things, accelerate product innovation and enhance the consumer experience.

With the combination of a diverse suite of technologies and experienced engineers with proven capabilities in delivering solutions that respond to our customers' needs, we provide expert collaboration that transforms connectivity ideas into true market potential. We uncover new approaches that result in sought-after consumer electronics that stand out in today’s connected world.

Core markets include audio visual and home entertainment, connected “smart” home and industrial, connected car, connected wearables and health and fitness. We support those markets with a wide range of connectivity, audio, location, and printing technologies.

As an internet of “everything” becomes real, consumers will need to interact with masses of content, connect to and control a wide range of devices and navigate complex user interfaces – effortlessly. Our goal is to ensure our customers’ products stand out from the crowd in this Connected World.

Connectivity Solutions that Accelerate Your Innovation

Platform Advantage

The CSR platform advantage comes when customers build on our proven technology base and are able to spend limited resources and development time on valuable innovations instead of chip integration and design. More than singular solutions, we develop robust product platforms combining silicon, software, and services to give customers real competitive advantage. This enables a more compelling consumer experience and reduces time to market. We offer a flexible, feature-rich foundation to develop great products quickly, and go beyond chip-level connectivity to deliver a complete platform for success.

Proven Pioneers

We are proven pioneers in connectivity with a long history of success and industry firsts. As a world leader in Bluetooth® from the very beginning, we challenge conventional thinking on what are the boundaries, going beyond them by combining ground-breaking, innovative thinking with experience and insight that combines 'can do' with 'how to'. In complex, demanding markets like audio and automotive, we are the go-to resource for solving the toughest connectivity challenges, such as power consumption, latency, and interoperability. Our market-tested solutions provide a starting point for ongoing innovation. With unmatched expertise in Bluetooth, location, connectivity and audio to draw upon, our expert engineers can provide a faster path to market as they collaborate with customers to solve for ‘what’s next’.

Product Differentiation

We focus on delivering high quality connectivity experiences that help differentiate devices. Whether manufacturers want to achieve the highest fidelity sound or the most precise location finding, we know that off-the-shelf components aren’t enough. We work collaboratively with our customers to find the optimized solution that addresses their specific needs. More than features and functionality, we focus on making the most of the end user experience. Our platforms perform consistently under the most rigorous testing requirements and in the millions of real-world connections they enable each and every day.

Acquisition by Qualcomm

To read more about the latest on CSR’s possible takeover by Qualcomm, visit our Investor Relations pages.

CSR Blogs and Digital Media

To follow the latest developments at CSR, visit our Blog, where we regularly publish highlights of our business activities and the ideas of innovators and technologists. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedInYouTube and Google Plus.

Our History - doing the impossible

CSR is a company of explorers. We go beyond limits. We expand opportunities. We are never intimidated by the seemingly impossible. In fact, we thrive on it.

In 1999, a small group of engineers had a Big Idea – to create a Bluetooth® product on a single chip. Everyone said that it couldn’t be done, but they went ahead and did it anyway. And that was how CSR was born.

From those early beginnings, CSR has transformed. Our company has extended its reach beyond world-leading expertise in Bluetooth technology, to become a diversified platform provider at the very center of the Internet of Things (IoT).

We’re a FTSE250 company with over 2,100 people at 23 offices in 10 countries, annual revenues of $774.8m (2014) and count many of the world’s most desirable consumer electronics and automotive brands as our customers.

Since 1999, we have been helping device manufacturers bring industry-changing new ideas to market quickly, with connectivity solutions that take ideas further, challenge the status quo, and deliver outstanding experiences that consumers appreciate.

The same core values that inspired our Founders are shared by everyone at CSR today. The determination and passion to keep pushing boundaries, to consistently defy conventions, and the belief that “impossible” is just a word. Come on, Let’s rock the boat...

CSR - Fast Facts

Year Founded: 1999, Cambridge, UK.
Annual Turnover: $774.8m (2014)
Number of Employees: Approximately 2,100
Locations: 23 offices in 10 countries
Core Markets: Audio and Home Entertainment; IoT; Connected Car; Connected Wearables; Health and Fitness
Acquisitions & Mergers: UbiNetics; Nordnav Technologies; Cambridge Positioning Systems; SiRF Technology Holdings; APT Licensing; Zoran Corporation; RECIVA Internet Radio
Core Technologies: Bluetooth® Smart & Connectivity, Audio, Location & Tracking, and Printing
Key Milestones: 2000: CSR creates the world’s first single chip Bluetooth® device, BlueCore®1;
2003: CSR opens office in Taiwan
2004: CSR is listed on the London Stock Exchange and joins the FTSE 250
2005: CSR ships its 100 millionth BlueCore chip
2006: CSR opens office in China
2008: CSR ships its billionth BlueCore chip
2009: Acquires SIRF
2010: Acquires aptX®, CSR launches the world’s first audio processing and Bluetooth chip,
2011 :Acquires Zoran
2012: CSR opens its Automotive Systems Development and Applications Center in Germany
2014: CSR launches CSRmesh® and VibeHub™
Customers: Our customers include, many of the world’s most desirable consumer electronics and automotive brands.
Executive Team:

Joep van Beurden – Chief Executive Officer

Will Gardiner - Chief Financial Officer

Chris Ladas – Executive Vice President, Operations

Adam Dolinko – Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Dr. Steven Gray – Chief Technology Officer

Patrick Little - Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Anthony Murray – Senior Vice President, Business Group

Elaine Rowe – Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Quality and HSE (Health, Safety, Environment)

CSR's Business Management System (BMS) has been certified to applicable international standards ISO 9001 by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA).

Our certifications:
ISO 9001:2008 + TickIT plus Foundation Level 
ISO 14001: 2004 
OHSAS 18001: 2007

Details of CSR’s comprehensive approach to HSE can be downloaded here:


Voice & Music

Delivering amazing audio with wireless audio technology platforms that provide exceptional sound and remove all the barriers to an immersive consumer listening experience

Automotive Infotainment

Making the vehicle a better place by combining wireless connectivity, location and audio technology to create immersive in-car infotainment that delights drivers

Bluetooth® Smart

Combining disruptive thinking, a hunger for innovation and powerful Bluetooth Low Energy platforms to simplify the complex challenge of developing breakthrough wireless products quickly

Indoor Location

Providing highly accurate location services that transform people’s mobile lifestyles - both indoors and out

Document Imaging

Providing innovative, cost-optimised document imaging platforms that deliver feature-rich printers that operate seamlessly with the latest PCs and mobile devices

Our customers are our partners and together we push the boundaries of innovation to get unique products to market quickly that are smart and feature rich.