Social Responsibility at CSR

As a successful international company operating in the global consumer electronics industry we take our responsibility to our local communities seriously – and undertake our obligations with enthusiasm. We support and take quiet pride in “doing the right thing”, whether it’s for the benefit of a deserving local charity or non-profit organization, the well-being of children, or through steps towards sustaining the environment.

Community Outreach

Broadly, our community outreach embraces these areas: the health and education of children, including encouraging the study of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; support for efforts to raise funds for cancer research and other therapies; donations towards relief from food poverty and disaster/emergency rescue; and assistance to preserve the natural environment.

Employee Engagement

There’s a range of issues our employees care about and which drive them to make a difference through volunteering time or finding sponsors for fund-raising events. The company further motivates these employees – individuals and groups – by granting matched funding and, in some cases, a day’s leave of absence to help concentrate effort. Invariably, the hope is that relationships fostered by social responsibility become more than a one-off event: that they flourish into something longer lasting. There’s always more we could do.

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