Pizza grabs a slice of Bluetooth

Bluetooth is revolutionising the delivery process for pizza lovers. Red Tomato Pizza, a Dubai-based pizza chain, has created a fridge magnet in the style of a pizza box with a pizza-shaped button that, when pressed, delivers a customer’s favourite order to their door within minutes.

The magnet, which customers can request via the chain’s website, contains a Bluetooth chip that syncs to the customers’ smartphone when pressed. This places the order, via the internet, to Red Tomato Pizza. The customer then gets a message on their phone to confirm that the order has been received. Jonathan Fincher even said ‘the only way the process could be any simpler is if the magnet detected hunger as well.

The magnet is a great example of how Bluetooth is being used to create innovative gadgets that are changing consumer’s lives. One area we’re particularly excited about at CSR is the impact of the latest iteration of Bluetooth – Bluetooth Smart.

Bluetooth Smart uses very short pulses of radio activity which drastically reduces power consumption. Devices can stay connected, but the radio is off most of the time, rapidly responding when data is available.

This power efficiency is causing a boom in the development of a new breed of small, cost-effective and power-efficient wireless products known as ‘appcessories.’ These innovative gadgets are connected to the smartphone, forming an ecosystem around it with the mobile at the hub.

Bluetooth Smart is being used for everything from connected shoes for basketball players from Nike that can measure how high you jump to a sensor-based ruler from +Plugg that uploads measurements directly to your smartphone. The possibilities for this new appcessory market are endlesss. Here at CSR we can’t wait to see what other applications people come up with.

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