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Bluetooth Smart® Android application development example code

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean introduced a standardised API for Bluetooth® Smart (previously known as Bluetooth Low Energy) application developers. CSR is committed to supporting developers in creating engaging Bluetooth Smart products, and part of that product development includes the creation of applications for smartphones and tablets.

What have we created for developers?

CSR has built a framework application for Bluetooth Smart on Android (application skeleton code). The framework application demonstrates how to connect to and communicate with a Bluetooth Smart accessory using the Android 4.3 GATT API.

Using this framework we have created an application supporting the Heart Rate profile. This profile uses a SIG defined GATT database to communicate with chest worn heart rate monitors.

We have written a guide that shows how to build the heart rate application from the CSR framework. All of the source code and the final application can be downloaded from CSR support:

Example Bluetooth Smart Android application code

What can you do with this code?

The Android API for Bluetooth Smart has some known issues. In our example code we have done what we can to give you a head start in dealing with these.

As a registered CSR developer you can take this code as and use it in any way you choose to create your own application. We have concentrated on the Bluetooth Smart functionality using very basic graphics and expect that you will want to create your own user experience.

Android has a huge share of the global market for smart devices (nearly 80%, according to IDC’s latest figures) and we look forward to seeing the results of your development. Stay tuned as we release more example applications and profiles in the coming months.

Example Bluetooth Smart heart rate application

Example Bluetooth Smart heart rate application



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CSR at Telematics, Detroit

Telematics Detroit is one of the top automotive industry events. The conference attracts leading vehicle manufactures and tier one suppliers and enables them to discuss their visions for telematics technologies that will give consumers a better driving experience and which are more enjoyable, safer, and at lower personal and environmental cost.

As a recognised leader in location and connectivity technology, CSR is always keen to have a presence at such an important event. For the 2012 conference, we prepared a number of innovative solutions to wow our visitors at our booth. Demos of these were filmed at the event by our team and can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

To express our vision of a more enjoyable in-car experience, we prepared a ZiiSound D5 Bluetooth® Speaker and a Motorola RAZR android smartphone to demonstrate the superb audio streaming quality of aptX®. Both commercially available products are equipped with aptX® CODEC technology and deliver CD-quality sound over a Bluetooth connection. The sound coming out of the speaker was well defined and the bass was unmistakable. We were certainly noticed by Telematics visitors! With more and more consumers carrying their favourite music in their phone, those who experienced the sound quality expressed how much they were looking forward to having the technology also available in their car stereo. View the demo

aptX® capability is not limited to just delivering CD-quality audio via Bluetooth. Another market defining feature of aptX® is its low latency. We set up two BlueCore5-Multimedia boards to stream audio from a PC playing a video clip via A2DP over to a headset demonstrating the differences between aptX® and standard CODEC in the “lip-sync” audio visual quality. The difference is readily noticeable by those tried it out and aptX® was very well perceived. View the demo

On the safety side, we prepared a Bluetooth low energy (BTle) multifunction steering wheel. The advantages of using BTle to replace the wired control mechanism are cost and weight reduction. It is estimated that each single wire costs car manufacturer one US dollar to install. For this particular steering wheel, five wires were replaced with CSR1001™ development board which sent commands (e.g. audio volume up/down, answering phone, skip track etc.) to our SiRFprimaII™ SOC platform. This demonstration created a lot of buzz and visitors at our booth were very excited by by this first-of-its-kind demonstration. View the demo

We also demonstrated RealVNC connectivity software running on our SiRFprimaII™ SOC platform. The software projected the full user interface of a smart phone onto SiRFprimaII™. The idea is that consumers will be able to use the projection on SiRFprimaII™ to directly control the phone: to start a navigation application, for example. In effect, consumers can bring their favourite/latest/greatest application into their in-vehicle infotainment system. The true uniqueness about our demonstration is the wireless connection (via Wi-Fi®) instead of the wired connection between the phone and SiRFprimaII™. This was a really impressive demonstration. View the demo

CSR’s introduction of the automotive grade CSRG35ea – SiRFstarVTM Automotive, the first announced product based on the SiRFstarV ™ architecture, was also well received. With this new market leading automotive grade GNSS platform CSR is positioned to address global, as well as regional preferences and requirements such as Glonass for Russia, Galileo for Europe, and Compass for China. Furthermore, the additional satellites accessible by SiRFstarV™ improve position accuracy and availability and will enable CSR customers to develop best-in-class next generation products for the Infotainment and Telematics markets.

CSR had a great show that attracted new interest in our technologies and strengthened our existing customer relationships. I’d like to thank everyone who attended from CSR for helping to wow our audience. And a special thanks to those who made those demonstrations possible.


Jimmy Pai
Technical Marketing Manager

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