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Taking automotive positioning to the next level

We’ve demoed a lot of new and improved solutions at Telematics Munich 2014 – the connected car just gets more intricate and exciting with each event. For me however, the most exciting of CSR’s announcements has been the latest software releases for our SiRFstarV™ 5ea auto-grade quad-GNSS location platform. We are now offering concurrent use of GPS and BeiDou (BDS) satellite constellations as well as major updates to the our SiRFDRive® software dead reckoning (DR) algorithms (you can read the press release for more details here).

Many Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs are frustrated with the overall positioning performance and associated route guidance in challenging environments such as Chicago and Tokyo. In particular, they struggle with corner cases where inaccurate positioning leads the navigation application to believe the vehicle is on the wrong street or at the wrong place on the right street.

This can result in incorrect guidance which will persist until the system recovers and gets an accurate position.  In the case of telematics systems supporting emergency responses and stolen vehicle tracking services, providing accurate positioning at all times and in all environments is critical for effective service delivery.

Another benefit is that because GNSS and DR integrate with the navigation applications and thereby simplifying map matching, the overall solution is far more accurate. It reduces the efforts for such integration activities (and associated costs), and it also shortens the time to market of the navigation and telematics systems.

The two key ingredients in making the improvements are:

1) Concurrent multi-constellation support using GPS + GLONASS provides access to more satellites, increasing availability and the accuracy of the GNSS solution and;

2) The improved DR algorithms include elements such as better calibration of the MEMS sensors and vehicle inputs, as well as more intelligent use of the MEMS sensor and GNSS satellites in the GNSS + DR Kalman Filters

CSR is keeping a keen eye on the development of MEMS sensors since we are seeing an explosive increase in demand primarily from smartphone and tablet applications. MEMS sensor performance improvements along with decreasing cost for the sensors themselves will provide opportunities for continued SiRFDRive performance improvements.

At Telematics Munich we presented the capabilities of SiRFDRive on SiRFstarV 5ea using a video of Chicago illustrating the challenges for a GNSS system alone in providing accurate positioning in an urban canyon environment. The video, which you can view below, contrasts this to the benefits of adding the MEMS sensor inputs to the GNSS measurements in SiRFDRive.

If you are interested in a real life demo please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing



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CSR at Telematics Detroit 2014 – Driving aptX adoption in the car

Following on from our recent announcements that JVCKENWOOD and Alps Electric are bolstering their automotive infotainment systems and connectivity modules with aptX® integration, we have also ventured into a third partnership which will see Clarion implement aptX into its latest in-vehicle infotainment products.

aptX is set to do for in-vehicle Bluetooth® what it achieved in the consumer space, becoming a standard means of delivering Bluetooth stereo audio from a smartphone to a head unit. With the decline of the in-vehicle CD we are seeing the increasing importance of Bluetooth for stereo audio streaming in the car, with consumers using internet radio and other music streaming services or locally stored content from their smartphone.

There is a growing trend for automotive OEMs and tier 1 car manufacturers to support CD-like audio over Bluetooth to deliver as immersive an in-car experience as possible. Riding on the successful market penetration aptX is achieving (it is now integrated in the majority of today’s smartphones), the push among OEMs to incorporate the technology in-vehicle is steadily growing.

Next to the home, the car is the place where people spend the most time listening to music. As the home and business environments march towards the reality of wireless connectivity, car drivers and passengers are expecting the same functionality and wireless freedom they enjoy in other areas of their lives. It is important for automotive suppliers to take the audio quality of Bluetooth streaming as seriously as they do the quality of the CD/AM/FM radio, especially since the vehicle has a costly high performance stereo system in the first place. Degraded audio over Bluetooth cannot be repaired when it arrives into the car stereo, so aptX integration becomes an especially significant consideration for Tier 1 manufacturers who invest highly in ensuring their car speakers deliver outstanding audio quality.

Bluetooth is becoming more and more important to deliver in-vehicle audio and many designers are struggling with the challenge of offering the best possible audio experience with Bluetooth A2DP. Since there the majority of smartphones now ship with aptX now is the time for in-vehicle designers to adopt aptX to improve the performance of Bluetooth stereo for their next generation systems.

CSR is offering aptX support in all of its latest connectivity devices including the CSR8350™ and CSRC9300™, to support the expansion of the aptX ecosystem in the vehicle. The BlueCore5™ MM chip is another example of a fully AEC-Q100 device which can support aptX streaming in the cars of the future.

CSR will be demoing its aptX solutions next month at Telematics Detroit 2014 – feel free to visit CSR at booth 77.

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CSR at CES 2014 – Joep van Beurden on Automotive Infotainment

With the excitement of CES now over, we take a look back at some of the biggest trends to dominate the show. In this video CSR’s Chief Executive Officer Joep van Beurden explains why automotive infotainment has established itself as one of the hot topics at the consumer electronics trade show and reveals why Bluetooth® Smart is leading this change.

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CSR gears up for “connected car” showcase

CSR’s Automotive Infotainment team is gearing up to showcase its ground-breaking new connectivity products at the Telematics Detroit 2013 Conference & Exhibition over two days in June, the 5th and 6th. Held in Novi, Michigan in the heartland of the US automotive industry, this major industry event brings together the global telematics ecosystem to master the “connected car” user experience and build brand affinity. Here are some of the event highlights: over 100 expert speakers (from the likes of GM, BMW, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes-Benz) will deliver their visions for the connected car and the evolving automotive apps ecosystem that is set to revolutionise consumer interaction with the vehicle; a quintet of conference tracks including sessions on connectivity business models, end-to-end telematics platforms, V2X technologies, big data, and open app development.

CSR exhibits on booth 65.

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CSR (and Ryan Seacrest?) at Telematics Detroit 2011

June 8th marks the start of Telematics Detroit, 2011.  This event, growing in scale and influence each year, brings together individuals from many organizations that comprise the automotive ecosystem – including OEMs, device manufactures, auto makers and software and application developers.  This year’s event will also be visited by American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest.  Seriously.  (more…)

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Automotive Bluetooth – the car as a Health hub

Bluetooth – the technology that you use for hands-free calls and wireless music streaming has been used in an interesting collaboration between Ford and Medtronic to manage your health. In a demonstration, unveiled at Ford HQ in Michigan last week, a continuous glucose meter worn by the driver connected with the in dash computer via Bluetooth to provide feedback about their health while driving, and this week Ford demonstrated a seat that can monitor your heart rate. (more…)

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Seeing is Believing in China

General Motors recently announced that April new car sales in the United States were 27% higher than last year, providing further evidence of their remarkable turnaround since filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2009.  While this recent growth in the US is an exciting trend for them, one of the primary factors underpinning their economic resurgence has been their performance in the Chinese domestic automotive market.  The growth and attractiveness of this market has been well publicized of late – a recent research report indicates that new car sales in 2010 in China were over 18 million, up over 30% from 2009.


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