We are pleased to announce that as of August 13, 2015, Qualcomm Global Trading Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, has completed its acquisition of CSR plc. For more information, please see the press release .

Israel careers

Whichever department you work in and whatever stage you are at in your career, we aim to inspire and develop each individual to reach their potential.

Working at CSR you will be exposed to leading new technologies and be a part of an innovation driven, multicultural and team orientated culture. Graduate and experienced employees are encouraged to learn from each other through day to day activities, lunch and learn seminars and regular feedback.

At CSR, not only will you be working on or contributing to the development of cutting edge world class technology  - but we will also support and encourage you to develop and progress in your chosen career.

As a company we are active in the local community having developed close ties with schools, colleges and universities and we also have an active involvement in local charities through our social responsibility Forum. CSR Israel serves as CSR's corporation main development center in the field of digital design and development.

CSR Israel, located in Haifa, employs approximately 150 outstanding engineers who enjoy the advantage of working in a cutting-edge technological and challenging environment.  As CSR's digital design center, our employees have continuous interaction with top class international development centers around the world. In addition to being a highly professional and progressive company, CSR places great import and attention to employee welfare, as well as outreach and involvement in the communities where our offices are located.

CSR Technology: What you could be involved in

What it's like to work at CSR?

This February will be my 10 year anniversary working in CSR Israel. I came a long way from the time I started as a young Quality & Reliability Engineer fresh out of University. CSR is a great place for personal development and over the years I had a lot of opportunities to develop and take on different positions. My latest position is senior program manager within the PMO group, in charge of chip development programs for the connectivity market. I work with a lot of different global groups as well with groups within CSR Israel. I think what makes CSR a great place to work is the pleasant work environment and people throughout the company are very cooperative and enjoyable to work with.

Liat | Senior Program Manager

In the last 4.5 years in CSR I had the opportunity to work on various aspects of our products design, System, Signal Integrity, Packaging and currently SoC Design Architecture. I am lucky working with the brightest experts in each field, as well as having the supportive environment that encourages improving both the SoC design and its development workflow.

Gadi | Senior VLSI Engineer

I started working at CSR in 2008 as a Test & Product Engineer. I've worked on the DVD and Camera product lines, and these days working full speed on the automotive projects. I can honestly say working at CSR has pushed my boundary thanks to my managers over the years and the great engineers and staff I work with. It's been a bumpy ride but I've enjoyed every minute - it's never boring around Haifa's halls!

Noam | Senior Test & Product Engineer

I began employment at CSR in 2003 until 2008. During that time, I worked on the companies' various line products such as DVD, HE, DTV, COACH etc. In 2011 I've re-joined CSR as a VLSI Engineer and perform mainly VLSI design tasks. Recently, I've become involved in a new automotive chip and was extremely excited once it taped out successfully. CSR is an enriching work environment and I enjoy coming to work! There's always room for ideas and suggestions and each day feels different and challenging. I recommend joining this company, not only for the technical challenges but for the sense of family and warmth we have here.

Ronit | Staff VLSI Engineer

Current Opportunities

(17 Jun 2015) Ref. No: IRC13232 | Category: Engineering | Area: Haifa
View Vacancy Pushing the limits of sub microns fabrication processes excites you? Enjoy Computer Programming? Developing high end CAD tools challenge you? Great team player? You belong with us!
(15 Jun 2015) Ref. No: IRC13737 | Category: Engineering | Area: Haifa
View Vacancy In this role you will be responsible for the technical aspects of various projects. You will have interaction with multiple technology entities in the company including SW, HW, Analog design and others. The job will required deep involvements with technology innovation, understanding automotive market needs and trends, discovering customer needs and translating them into well-defined use-cases and requirements.