Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR recognises the importance of social, environmental and ethical ('SEE') matters and during 2014 we continued our work on complying with the ABI disclosure guidelines on social responsibility. SEE matters are integral to the philosophy of the Group and progress is periodically considered by the Board and its committees.

We consider that our work is part of a continuous process to develop standards and working practices designed to deliver tangible improvements in how we do business and to contribute to the wider community and stakeholders. We demonstrate our commitment through initiatives supported by our various offices around the world and the efforts of many individual employees who participate in their communities as ambassadors for CSR.

At the wider Group level, this includes assessing the impact of our operations on the environment and on the safety and wellbeing of our employees and end-users of our products. Furthermore, we assess those involved in the development and manufacture of our products through our suppliers, distributors and customers. Activities in these areas are discussed in more detail on pages 39 to 42 of our Annual Report and Financial Statements 2014.

CSR has over 20 offices across the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific. In our Annual Report and Financial Statements 2014 (pages 36 and 37) and the Social Responsibility page of this website, we summarise some of the activities which have been undertaken by our employees in support of our corporate social responsibility. We are proud to be able to share details which demonstrate the dedication shown by our staff, their families and friends. The initiatives for these activities come either directly from individual employees or the social responsibility committee associated with a particular office.

The Company supports approved individual and team proposals by allowing time out of the working week (one day each year in the case of our UK-based employees, equivalent to 774 days for 2014) which is used for participation in charity events and community activities. In the UK the Company also offers additional incentive to each initiative by offering matched funding of up to £1,000 that is provided to the chosen charities.

We are eager to give back to the community in a variety of ways and this includes using the expertise and capabilities which our employees possess to encourage the next generation to enjoy, learn and get involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (‘STEM’). For example, CSR has provided sponsorship and the support of its employees to the UK Electronics Skills Foundation (‘UKESF’) since its inception in 2010. Seeking to inspire young people to pursue careers in the electronics industry, UKESF has partnered with the Engineering Development Trust to create an electronics based project called Go4SET.

Each year, employees in many of our offices are invited to nominate their Charity of the Year through an office wide voting process. Other office locations regularly provide help to charities through the more direct involvement of our employees.