Questions & Answers

What is the Company's registered address?

Churchill House
Cambridge Business Park
Cowley Road

When and where did CSR list?

CSR listed on the London Stock Exchange on 2 March 2004.

CSR listed its American Depositary Receipts on the NASDAQ Stock Market LLC in September 2011.

What is the stock/ticker symbol for CSR?

CSR’s Ordinary Shares trade under the ticker symbol CSR.L

CSR’s ADS’s trade under the ticker symbol CSRE.

When does CSR report its financial results?

CSR’s reporting period is to the 52 or 53 week period for each year towards the end of December/beginning of January. We report to the markets each half and full year via RNS in the UK and 6K in the US. We publish an annual report normally in March of each year.

What is CSR's dividend policy?

Please refer to the Chairman's statement on page 7 of our latest Annual Report .

Are there any financial reports available?

For details on our results for prior periods please click here.

If I am unable to attend the AGM, can I appoint a proxy?


When does CSR hold its Annual General Meeting?

CSR's Annual General Meeting is held on the second or third week of May each year.

Who are the Company's registrars?

Equiniti Limited.

Whom do I contact regarding lost certificates or address changes?

Equiniti Limited at Aspect House, Spencer Road, Lancing, West Sussex, BN99 6DA, Helpline 0871 384 2030.

How can I receive shareholder communications electronically?

The registrars provide an on-line service at that enables shareholders to sign up for e-communication and receive shareholder mailings electronically, send voting instruction electronically and create change of address forms and dividend payment instruction forms (or submit these online using the portfolio service). You can also register to receive electronic notification of updates to CSR's financial calendar and availability of reports by email using our Alerts service.

I thought CSR was based in Australia?

You might have confused us with CSR Limited of Australia which is an unrelated company. If so, please find their website details here:

What is the Company's ISIN?


Is CSR listed on any US exchange?

CSR’s American depositary receipts listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market of NASDAQ Stock Market LLC in September 2011. Our depositary is JPMorgan Chase. The trading symbol for our American Depositary Shares is CSRE. Each CSR ADS evidences 4 ordinary shares. CSR remains a foreign private issuer under the rules of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

How many shares outstanding does CSR have?

CSR announces the number of shares outstanding every month so please visit our RNS announcements section and look for the title: Total Voting Rights

How can I purchase CSR shares?

You can buy shares through a stockbroker or a share-dealing service, of which there is a variety available. Some take orders to buy or sell shares online, and many operate a telephone or postal share-dealing service. Please note that we cannot advise you on which service to use and any decision to invest in any shares, including CSR should be undertaken after taking appropriate professional advice. Shares can go down as well as up in value and such investments carry numerous risks and uncertainties.

Who are CSR's Board of Directors?

You can find out more about CSR's Board of Directors on our website.

How many employees does CSR have?

We report on our employees in each of the announcements of our results for the most recent completed fiscal period. These can be found here.

When is CSR's fiscal year-end?

We report on a rolling 52/53 week period. Our fiscal year-end is generally towards the end of December each year.

How can I contact CSR's investor relations?

Contact details can be found on Contact Information page.