Quatro® 4500

The Quatro® 4500 series integrates an ARM11 CPU core, single- and dual-core versions, up to 600 MHz and targets high-performance printers, multifunction printers (MFPs) and scanners.

The Quatro line of SoCs is a family of highly integrated, programmable processors for printers, scanners and all-in-ones (AIOs). Each SoC embeds a high-performance ARM® CPU core for processing page description languages (PDLs) and a Quatro SIMD DSP core for print acceleration and copy/scan image processing.

The Quatro programmable architecture enables developers to differentiate their products. By utilizing the Quatro SoC’s programmable cores, developers can implement unique features, image processing algorithms and mechanism control.

With the Quatro family, developers can efficiently build cost-effective controllers for a wide range of products using a single firmware base. The Quatro 4500 series integrates an ARM11MP CPU core single- and dual-core versions (up to 600 MHz) and targets high-performance applications:

  • Monochrome laser/LED printers and AIOs up to 70 ppm
  • Color laser/LED printers and AIOs up to 35 ppm
  • Workgroup document scanners

Low-end applications are covered by the Quatro 5300 series.

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Key Features

  • Family of SoCs that cover broad product range with a single firmware base
  • Modular firmware platform
  • Programmable architecture for implementing unique features and algorithms
  • Industry’s only controller solution with optimized PDL interpreters

Easily Customized

CSR provides OEMs with a reference design for a laser AIO. The reference design includes both a controller board and firmware. The reference controller board also serves as a development board that OEMs can use to prototype their own system code.

The programming environment for the Quatro family is based on the GNU tools, widely recognized as one of the best embedded development tool sets available. The programming environment includes tools for the Quatro® DSP—C compiler, assembler, simulator, debugger, and libraries. CSR’s extensive library of optimized image processing algorithms makes developing image processing pipelines easy.

Inferno™ Firmware Platform

Inferno™ is CSR’s modular firmware platform for the Quatro family. With Inferno, a single firmware base covers the full range of Quatro SoCs. Inferno allows developers to choose either Embedded Linux or ThreadX for the underlying operating system.

Inferno is architected to provide the real-time processing capability required by high-performance printers, AIOs and scanners. The Quatro SoC’s flexRISC microcontroller cores are used to offload the most time critical tasks in printer and scanner mechanism control.

Inferno is designed to meet the varying needs of customers who want different degrees of customization. Inferno comes with a complete basic feature set for fast time-to-market. Customers who want extensive customizations can modify the supplied firmware components and/or add new firmware components. Most of the code is provided in source form.

Optimized IPS™ PDL Printing

Inferno and CSR’s IPS™ PDL interpreters take full advantage of each other. The IPS suite is integrated with Inferno to ensure fast time-to-market and optimized for Quatro to maximize PDL printing performance. A key performance advantages is IPS’s multicore concurrent rendering, which utilized the Quatro 4500’s second CPU core (in dual-core versions) to achieve faster processing.

  • Integrated analog and mechanism control for low controller BOM cost
  • High reuse across wide range of products for low development cost
  • Reference implementation for short time-to-market
  • Proven, widely-adopted solution


  • Single or dual ARM11MP CPU core with MMU and FPU
    - Up to 600 MHz


  • 1 MByte L2 cache / scratchpad
  • 32-bit DDR2 interface
  • Flash interface to serial NOR, parallel NOR and parallel NAND

Image Processing

  • Quatro 4-datapath SIMD DSP core
  • Hardware image processing pipeline
    • Shading correction
    • 1D lookup
    • Fringing correction
    • White point tracking
    • White point calibration
    • Gamma correction
    • RGB-YCC color conversion
    • YCC-CMYK color conversion
  • Dual JBIG compression/decompression cores
  • JPEG hardware assist core

Printer Interface

  • Support for laser (up to 8) and LED print heads
  • Integrated frequency generator, synchronizers, PWMs, LVDS drivers

Scanner Interface

  • Dual external AFE Support
  • Support for CCD and CIS sensors
  • Support for single- and dual-sided scanning
  • 8-bit flexRISC processor core for scanner motor control

Other Interfaces

  • USB 2.0 hi-speed device port
  • USB 2.0 hi-speed host ports
  • Gigabit Ethernet MAC
  • PCI Express
  • LCD interface
  • Memory card interface
  • Serial ports, SPI, GPIO
  • JTAG


  • Integrated real-time clock
  • Integrated ADC


  • 27mm 520 ball BGA


  • Max power 4.0 W
  • Low-power sleep 320 mW

5300 Series - ARM11 up to 600 MHz

  5305  Laser/LED/Inkjet printers
  5308  Scanners
  5310  Laser/LED/Inkjet AIOs

4500 Series - ARM11MP up to 600 MHz

  4525  Laser/LED/Inkjet printers (Single Core)
  4530  Laser/LED/Inkjet AIOs (Single Core)
  4545  Laser/LED printers(Dual Core)
  4550  Laser/LED AIOs (Dual Core)

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