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The MAPX™ multimedia applications processor family is a portfolio of high performance, integrated, high quality audio system-on-chip (SoC) devices for Soundbars, Docking Speakers, AV-Receivers, Home Theater Systems, and Integrated Audio Systems.

MAPX is a highly versatile multimedia applications processor family that allows developers to design a wide range of end products with minimal incremental PCB design effort as a result of commonality of device variants across the range. MAPX is available as 7 sub-families delivered in 2 package types. Devices based on the same package type are pin compatible and the entire family of MAPX devices are software compatible. This makes it easy for developers to switch between different devices to create unique products with varying feature sets quickly and easily.

*Note: Description represents the Top Model (CSRA6718x). Smaller Models are available with reduced Functionality.

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  • 3 DSP cores each running up to 432MHz delivering 1300MIPS of processing power
  • Integrated RAM (Up to 72Mbit)
  • Integrated 10/100 Mbps Ethernet MAC - IEE802.3
  • Integrated USB 2.0 Host controller (MAC & PHY)
  • Integrated headphone amplifier
  • Up to 6 high quality 105dB (108dB) SNR ADCs
  • Up to 8 high quality 110dB SNR DACs
  • Multiple digital interfaces (inputs/outputs)

Software & Application Support

  • Popular multichannel SD & HD audio decoding including DTS-HD™ and Dolby® TrueHD decoders
  • Stereo Audio decoding including MP3, AAC, WMA
  • Audio Post Processing using meloD™ and 3rd party algorithms (DTS/SRS, Dolby, AM3D)
  • vTuner™ Internet Radio
  • Audio file playback from USB
  • Firmware Update via USB
  • Audio Delay up to 4000ms (for Lip-Sync / AV-Sync)

*Note: Description represents the Top Model (CSRA6718x). Smaller Models are available with reduced Functionality. 

Highly Integrated

  • Includes 3 DSP cores, high quality analog inputs & outputs (ADCs/DACs/PWM), multiple digital inputs & outputs (SPDIF/I2S), USB, and Ethernet interfaces
  • Integrated 72Mb RAM for high definition audio processing
  • Very few external components necessary compared to alternative DSP implementations

Family Concept

  • Software compatible & pin compatible sub-families means minimal R&D effort to create multiple products
  • Make a single PCB for multiple end product variants maximizing cost efficiency and reducing time to market
  • Change your mind late in the design cycle if necessary and swap one MAPX variant for another

Minimal DSP Software Effort

  • Popular “ready-to-run” SD & HD decoders and post processing modules mean minimal DSP software design effort required
  • Use the sophisticated development tools to create, configure, and optimize your audio signal chain in real time

MAPX is designed to deliver audio decoding up to loss-less compressed HD quality and enables developers to add support for audio playback from USB sticks. Developers can also implement Ethernet streaming of the vTuner™ Internet Radio service.

MAPX is a highly integrated solution that saves developers the cost of external components. Up to 72Mbits RAM (8Mb + 64Mb) is integrated to support HD audio decoding without the need for external RAM.  In addition, the MAPX™ family integrates digital input and output interfaces and high quality 110dB SNR DACs, 108dB SNR ADCs, removing any need for external DACs and ADCs.

Developers also benefit from the Customized Modular Processing (CMP) development toolchain enabling the quickest possible time-to-market for software design. CMP allows developers to create and configure the signal chain using the many “ready-to-run” software modules available on MAPX through simple I2C commands either from an on board microcontroller or a PC based GUI. Developers can select from simple modules like Parametric Equalizers to more complex modules like a Dolby TrueHD decoder.

A complete signal chain can be set up and tailored in real time meaning changes are effective immediately without needing C-programming or recompilation of code.

For sophisticated developers wishing to create their own proprietary modules, a Custom Developer Kit (CDK) is available including a suite of DSP engineering focused tools, including a C-Compiler. Custom modules can also be added to CMP making it possible to mix and match your own modules with 3rd party, and CSR provided modules.

By combining MAPX with CSR’s Bluetooth® (CSR8670™CSR8640™CSR8645™) and Wi-Fi (UniFi®CSR6030) devices developers can also create high quality wireless audio products.

*Note: Description represents the Top Model (CSRA6718x). Smaller Models are available with reduced Functionality. 

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