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BlueCore5™ Multimedia

The BlueCore5™ Multimedia Bluetooth® chip is designed to provide a graceful, simple solution to integrating wireless multimedia functionality into embedded devices.

Versatile and programmable, BlueCore5 Multimedia comes complete with Kalimba DSP, a stereo codec and flash. BlueCore5 Multimedia makes it simpler to develop powerful, efficient multimedia products, freeing up time to develop differentiating features with its programmable architecture.

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  • Can be used as part of a fully compliant Bluetooth v3.0 system
  • A flexible single-chip Bluetooth® solution for Bluetooth audio solutions
  • Low-power 1.5V operation, 1.8V to 3.6V I/O
  • Supports mono and stereo applications
  • Supports DSP enhancements for music, voice, text-to-speech, speech recognition and CODECs
  • Supports eXtension partner solutions
  • Support for IEEE 802.11 coexistence
  • Green (RoHS Compliant and no Antimony or Halogenated Flame Retardants)
  • Embedded Kalimba DSP core is an open platform digital signal coprocessor allowing product enhancing features such as advanced audio decoding (MP3, AAC, AAC+), speech recognition, text-to-speech, echo cancellation and noise reduction
  • Wide range of third party software plug-ins are available through CSR's eXtension™ partner programme
  • Offers superior audio quality, power consumption and radio performance, making it ideal for high-quality mono and stereo Bluetooth headset designs
  • Industry-leading level of integration reduces component count and BOM cost, allowing customers to achieve attractive price/performance levels
  • Supports up to 32 Mbit of external Flash memory
  • Available in package variants embedding both 8 and 16 Mbit of Flash memory

System Features

  •  Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR
  •  64 MIPS Kalimba DSP
  •  RF Perf: Tx:+8dBm, Rx -90dBm receive sensitivity


  •  Integrated stereo DAC & ADCs
  •  Two input ADC channels

Power Management

  •  1 x SMPS
  •  Integrated linear regulators

Battery Charger

  •  Li-Ion battery charger
  •  Fast charge support up to 150mA


BlueCore5™ Multimedia


Bluetooth Radio


  • Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR
  • External Balun Filter
  • RF Tx:+8dBm (BR), Rx -90dBm (DQPSK)
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Internal Balun (50R single ended output)
  • RF TX: +10dBm (BR), Rx: -90dBm (DQPSK)

Apps Processor

  • 32MIPS XAP2++
  • Interpreted / native VM
  • 32MHz MMU
  • 48kBytes RAM
  • 1 x hardware breakpoint (Note: does not work in native mode)
  • 80MIPS XAP2++
  • Hardware VM accelerator (MPU)
  • 80MHz MMU
  • 56kBytes RAM
  • 4 x hardware breakpoints

Kalimba DSP

  • 64 MIPS DSP
  • 6kWords of PM (32-bit)
  • 16kWords DM1 (24-bit)
  • 12kWords DM2 (24-bit)
  • 80 MIPS DSP
  • 12kWords PM (32-bit)
  • 32kWords DM1 (24-bit)
  • 32kWords DM2 (24-bit)
  • Significantly lower power consumption 0.072mA per MIP @ 3.7V

Memory Architecture


  • 32Mbit external flash (16-bit, 70ns) or
  • 8/16Mbits stacked flash
  • 16Mbit embedded flash (64-bit, 45ns)
  • Support for up to 64Mbit optional external quad SPI flash
  • Support for optional external SPI SRAM


  • 2 x DAC 95dB SNR, 0.008%THD+N
  • 2 x ADC 72dB SNR
  • 2 x DAC 96dB SNR, 0.006%THD+N
  • 2 x ADC 92dB SNR, 0.006%THD+N
  • Up to six digital microphone inputs

Power Management

  • 1 x SMPS (>90% efficient), 1.3MHz,  22uH (1210) inductor
  • Integrated linear regulators
  • 1 or 2 x SMPS (>90% efficient), 4MHz, 4.7uH (0805) inductor
  • SMPS frequency adjustable reduce EMI
  • USB 3.3V regulator
  • Integrated linear regulators

Battery Charger

  • Support for charging Li-Ion batteries with up to 120mA charging current
  • New charger architecture with Instant-ON and fast charging support for up to 200mA with no external components
  • Up to 750mA using external pass device
  • Support for USB charging specification
  • Charger pre-calibrated by CSR


  • 2 hardware LED flashers with dim and fade, only available when chip is running
  • 3 hardware LED controllers (for RGB or separate LEDs) with dim and fade
  • LEDs always operational (including deep sleep)


  • 16 GPIOs multiplexed with UART, USB, PCM, I2S, SPDIF
  • More flexible GPIO architecture
  • 14 dedicated GPIOS
  • UART, USB with charging support, PCM, I2S, SPDIF, I2C, SPI, LCD segment drive
  • Customer code security system

Capacitive Touch

  •  Not Supported
  •  6 x capacitive touch sensors


  •  8x8mm 169-pin BGA (0.5mm pitch) with external flash memory
  •  7x7mm 120-ball BGA (0.5mm pitch) with internal stacked flash
  •  6.5x6.5mm 112-pin BGA (0.5mm pitch)
  •  79-pin WLCSP (0.5mm pitch)

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