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RoadTunes™ is CSR’s Bluetooth® embedded solution running on BlueCore® Multimedia which offers a simple plug 'n' play interface to customers enabling hassle-free integration of Bluetooth into their platform.

RoadTunes is a Bluetooth hands-free solution for Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs) and in-car systems and boasts a less than six-week average integration time and extremely low costs compared to the industry average. Feature rich, low power and flexible, it features full hardware and software components including a RISC and DSP processor, cVc® noise reduction, and third-party echo cancellation. It also includes source code, allowing designers to fully customize their end designs.

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Broad Profile support

As standard, RoadTunes supports a wide variety of application software Profiles, including A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, PBAP, DUN and SPP. This allows it to provide Bluetooth wireless connectivity in a very wide variety of in-vehicle applications.

Even though this Bluetooth solution is based on a single, low-cost chip, RoadTunes implementations will typically support at least three profiles simultaneously. In phone applications for example, RoadTunes may be configured to access a variety of functions including last number redial, mute, voice dialling, phone book and call history download (SIM/Memory). RoadTunes allows the simultaneous pairing of up to eight Bluetooth devices, and can control functions through voice prompts.

RoadTunes' Bluetooth application software compatibility*:

Speech: Hands-Free or Headset

  • 3-way call, last number redial, Memory dial, Mute, DTMF tones, Voice dial

Music Streaming and Receiving: A2DP/AVRCP

  • Source or Sink, controller or target

Phonebook: PBAP

  • Phonebook/call history download (SIM / memory), Browsing, VCard 2.1/3.0

Internet Access: DUN

  • Updates via the internet, Surfing the Web, General Internet Access

Peripheral Access: SPP

  • From keyboard, remote controls and other accessories to host application

Other functions

The built-in DSP core comes with CSR's own cVc echo and noise cancellation software. However, a wide variety of optional third-party software is available for the open core, including text to speech support. DFU support additionally allows the RoadTunes™ firmware to be upgraded in the field*.

* MAP and AVRCP 1.4 are in development

RoadTunes been designed to satisfy the range of existing and emerging Bluetooth applications in automobiles. With its rich Bluetooth Profile application software support and its simple high level API, the interoperability-proven RoadTunes is quickly integrated into embedded infotainment systems, or into aftermarket products including PNDs. A choice of packaging* ensures that developers have the right options, whether they are making low-cost PCBs or looking for a compact plug-on Bluetooth module.

Factory installed automotive systems

  • RoadTunes can be configured to provide sophisticated hands free calling support, as well as emerging applications such as streaming digital music from an MP3 player or handset into the vehicle's infotainment system
  • The DSP core includes CSR's powerful and proven cVc echo and noise cancellation algorithms - which may be tuned easily without affecting RoadTunes's Bluetooth qualification
  • Simple high level API ensures easy integration with the vehicle's host processor, with a minimal load.

Aftermarket products

  • The complete hardware-plus-software solution provided by RoadTunes, with its simple high level API and proven interoperability, ensures a rapid and simple path to market for manufacturers of automobile accessories such as PNDs or hands free kits.
  • The choice of packaging ensures that OEMs and ODMs can choose the ideal solution for their needs, whether that is to embed the core onto their PCB, or choose a plug-on Bluetooth module.

Lifecycle software upgrades

  • DFU support provides options for upgrading RoadTunes firmware in the field.

* AEC-Q100 qualified LFBGA with external Flash memory, AEC-Q100 qualified 'Plug n Go' package (0.8 mm pitch), or standard Plug n Go. All BlueCore devices operate over -40 to +85 C.

RoadTunes development support

  • The RoadTunes reference design is complete and ready to use, and is supported by a versatile development board
  • Interfaces and connections to simplify evaluation and prototyping are provided around the Bluetooth core (measuring 10x10 mm)
  • The software is pre-qualified, giving developers the option to simply register the product to get the Bluetooth certification
  • cVc echo and noise cancellation function is already tuned for automobile use but can be modified by developers using the Parameter Manager tool, without affecting Bluetooth qualification
  • CSR will provide users with the binary source code for the design, for custom applications
  • At the heart of the design is BlueCore5™Multimedia External. This device integrates a Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR compatible system with a 24-bit DSP core, stereo CODEC with 93 dB SNR, and 18 digital and analog I/O lines.
  • The LFBGA-packaged device interfaces with up to 32 Mbits of external Flash memory. The device is also available in CSR's 'Plug-n-Go' packaging, which incorporates a balun, filter and matching components, and has a pitch suitable for 2- or 4-layer PCBs.
  • Hands-free calling
  • Tuneable echo and noise cancellation
  • Streaming digital music into infotainment system
  • Wide profile compatibility (HFP, PBAP, A2DP, AVRCP, DUN)

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