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aptX® Live

aptX® Live was designed specifically for digital microphone applications and delivers real-time wireless audio in bandwidth constrained environments.

With virtually no delay, a strong, robust connection, and providing excellent channel density, aptX Live audio compression technology enables developers of equipment such as wireless microphones, wireless intercom, in-ear monitoring devices and talkback links to achieve maximum efficiency from the available spectrum. This innovative coding technique delivers the professional acoustic quality and real-time operation of analog wireless devices within the bandwidth limitations of multi-channel digital operation.

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The aptX Live audio codec can deliver a single channel of 24bit, 48kHz audio in 120kbps with a codec latency of less than 1.9ms. The framework of aptX Live ensures a high resilience to random bit errors. Additional techniques employed within aptX Live will also reduce the significance of these errors and the magnitude of the effect of certain signals. The aptX Live decoder has a signal input from the RF link which can aid the management of bit errors or problems with the link.

Suitable for applications including:

  • Digital wireless microphones
  • In-ear Monitoring
  • Conference Wireless Microphones
  • Intercom / 2-way push to talk
  • Talkback applications
  • Audio for Video Broadcast contribution
  • Multi-player online gaming


The aptX Live audio codec is also ideal for the delivery of multi-channel audio - from mono to surround sound - in real-time over IP networks.  Leveraging professional expertise gained in the pro-audio and broadcast industries aptX Live audio compression technology can be utilised to realise low-latency distribution of high quality audio for online multi-player gaming. For the ultimate immersive audio experience in online gaming the delay between users needs to be reduced. aptX Live has the lowest delay of any professional audio codec available and so can ensure seamless audio-video synchronisation.

  • Outstanding audio quality
  • Extremely low audio coding delay
  • Strong resilience and robust to bit errors
  • Optimised implementation for low power DSP
  • Compression ratio: Scalable up to 8:1 (16-bit) or 12:1 (24-bit)
  • Audio format: 16-bit or 24-bit
  • Supports 24-bit word resolution, 48kHz Fs/
  • Data rates: 120kbps (16bit,48kHz,6:4:1 compression) is optimal setting
  • Frequency response: 10Hz to 24kHz
  • Delay: <1.89ms @ Fs 48KHz
  • Dynamic range: 16-bit: >92dB, 24-bit: >120dB
  • THD+N: -88dB (16-bit), 90dB (24-bit) at 4:1 compression and 48 kHz Fs
  • Bit error resilience: Up to 1:10,000

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