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BlueCore® BC6145™

BC6145™ is a Bluetooth® chip for low-cost mono headsets and car speakerphones.

BC6145 builds on BC6140™’s capability adding the latest 6th Generation cVc® DSP algorithms, A2DP mono music streaming, mSBC wide band speech codec and support for low cost SPI serial Flash for large multi-language voice prompts.

6th Generation cVc comes with bi-directional noise reduction, ultra-low power wind noise reduction and an advanced speech intelligibility feature. An echo cancellation enhancement and non-linear echo cancellation feature for low-cost speakerphones and car-kits are supported.

BC6145 supports user convenience features such as audio prompts, advanced multipoint and proximity pairing and is pin compatible with BC6130™ and BC6140.

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  • Common TX/RX terminal simplifies external matching; eliminates external antenna switch
  • No external trimming is required in production
  • Bluetooth v3.0 specification compliant


  • 8.5dBm RF transmit power with level control from on-chip 6-bit DAC over a dynamic range typically >30dB
  • Class 2 and Class 3 support without the need for an external power amplifier or TX/RX switch


  • -91dBm receive sensitivity
  • Integrated channel filters
  • Digital demodulator for improved sensitivity and co-channel rejection
  • Real time digitised RSSI available on HCI interface
  • Fast AGC for enhanced dynamic range


  • Fully integrated synthesiser requires no external VCO, varactor diode, resonator or loop filter
  • Compatible with crystals between 16 and 26MHz

Baseband and software

  • Internal ROM
  • 48KB of internal RAM, enables full-speed data transfer, mixed voice/data and full piconet support
  • Logic for forward error correction, header error control, access code correlation, CRC, demodulation, encryption bit stream generation, whitening and transmit pulse shaping
  • Transcoders for A-law, μ-law and linear voice from host and A-law, μ-law and CVSD voice over air
  • Configurable mono headset ROM software to setup headset features and user interface
  • Support for HFP v1.5 (including three-way calling) and HSP v1.1
  • Support for Bluetooth v3.0 specification
  • Proximity pairing (headset-initiated pairing)
  • Packet loss concealment improves the receive path audio quality in the presence of bit and packet errors within the Bluetooth® link
  • Advanced Multipoint support, enabling the headset to connect to two mobile phones or one mobile phone and a VoIP dongle
  • DSP based single-microphone cVc echo and noise cancellation is included in the BC6145™ for effective noise cancellation
  • BC6145 development kit available

Power Consumption

  • Very low power to provide long talk times

RF performance

  • 8.5dBm transmit, -91dBm receive

Kalimba DSP

  • Very low power Kalimba DSP coprocessor, 64MIPS, 24-bit fixed point core
  • Single cycle MAC; 24 x 24-bit multiply and 56-bit accumulator
  • 32-bit instruction word, dual 24-bit data memory
  • 4K x 32-bit program RAM, 8K x 24-bit + 4K x 24-bit data RAM
  • 64 x 32-bit program memory cache when executing from ROM

Audio codec

  • 16-bit resolution mono CODEC
  • ADC and DAC
  • mSBC wide band speech codec
  • Integrated amplifiers for driving 16Ω speakers; no need for external components
  • Support for single-ended speaker termination and line output
  • Integrated low-noise microphone bias
  • Digital enhancements to provide side tone

Physical Interfaces

  • Synchronous serial interface for system debugging
  • I²C compatible interface used to communicate with an external EEPROM which contains all of the device configuration (PS Keys)
  • Synchronous serial interface communicates with an external SPI flash device, which can store programmable audio prompts
  • UART interface with data rates up to 3Mbits/s

Auxiliary Features

  • Crystal oscillator with built-in digital trimming
  • Device can run in low power modes from an external 32.768kHz clock signal
  • Programmable audio prompts
  • Power management includes digital shutdown, and wake up commands with an integrated low power oscillator for ultra low power Park/Sniff/Hold mode
  • On-chip regulators: 1.9V output from 2.7V to 5.5V input
  • On-chip high-efficiency switch-mode regulator; 1.5V output from 2.2V to 4.4V input
  • Power-on-reset cell detects low supply voltage
  • Arbitrary sequencing of power supplies permitted
  • Battery charger with programmable current, 20mA to 150mA for lithium ion/polymer battery
  • 2 LED drivers with faders


  • QFN 48-lead 7x7mm 0.5mm pitch, pin compatible with BC6130 and BC6140
  • Boost charge (fast charge) for faster battery charging
  • Ultra-low power Wind Noise Reduction
  • Development kit available to support product design
  • Very low power consumption with 6th Generation 1-mic cVc audio enhancements
  • Superior RF performance for improved range and link reliability
    • 8.5 dBm transmit power
    • -91dBm receive sensitivity
  • Fully qualified single-chip Bluetooth v3.0 system
  • Single-chip mono headset solution with advanced echo and bi-directional noise cancellation
  • Support for A2DP mono music streaming
  • mSBC wide band speech codec
  • Support for SPI serial flash to store large multi-language voice prompts
  • Echo cancellation to support low cost car speakerphones
  • Packet loss concealment improves the receive path audio quality in the presence of bit and packet errors within the Bluetooth® link
  • Low power consumption: over 8 hours talk time from a 85mAh battery
  • High-performance 6th Generation cVc 1-mic echo and bi-directional noise cancellation with selectable ultra-low power wind noise reduction feature
  • Support for boost charge providing up to 240mA total charge current
  • Green (RoHS compliant and no antimony or halogenated flame retardants)

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