We are pleased to announce that as of August 13, 2015, Qualcomm Global Trading Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, has completed its acquisition of CSR plc. For more information, please see the press release .


CSR8670™ is an audio system-on-chip (SoC) solution with wireless connectivity, embedded flash memory and integrated capacitive touch sensors, enabling the creation of feature rich home entertainment and wearable audio products with a highly compelling user experience and superior audio performance.

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System Features

  •  Bluetooth® 4.1
  •  16Mb eFlash and up to 64Mb external serial flash (Optional)
  •  Updated 80MHz DSP performance & memory allocation
  •  RF Perf: Tx:+10dBm, Rx -90dBm (DQPSK)
  •  6 x Capacitive touch sensors inputs


  •  Integrated high performance stereo DAC & ADCs
  •  Up to six digital microphone inputs

Power Management

  •  2 x highly efficient SMPS with smaller external components
  •  USB 3.3V regulator
  •  Integrated linear regulators

Battery Charger

  •  Li-Ion battery charger with instant-ON support
  •  Fast charge support up to 200mA
  •  Option for higher charge currents using external pass device
  •  Support for USB charging spec enumeration

Package Options

  •  6.5x6.5mm ,112-pin BGA (0.5mm pitch)

Key Feature

Customer Value

Consumer Value

High quality stereo music playback

aptX® = assured high quality music

Strong market success with aptX®.

Can extract higher market price.

High quality music across Bluetooth, connecting with aptX®source devices like TV’s, phones, tablets, docks

Wired audio & full USB support

Wired as well as wireless.

Extends use of headset to devices that don’t have Bluetooth.

Can listen and charge – enjoy both a wireless and a wired experience – charge AND do

Capacitive  touch support

Eliminate buttons (= lower eBOM) and enable ergonomically designed tactile headset

Touch control – just like the media player. That’s cool

Secured embedded 16Mbit flash

Differentiated custom development

Eliminate external memory

Secure flash from copying

Feature packed headset

Ultra-small form factor design

New possibilities for headset design – less worry about the PCB and more focus on design

Ear-buds packed with high quality audio, great performance and amazing features.

Smart apps support using GAIA

Use Apps for product differentiation

Closer contact with end consumer using branded App

Rich User experience

Interactive accessory via Apps

Personalisation via Apps


BlueCore5™ Multimedia
Bluetooth® Radio

Bluetooth® 3.0 + EDR

External Balun Filter

RF Tx:+8dBm (BR), Rx -90dBm (DQPSK)

Bluetooth® 4.1

Internal Balun (50R single ended output)

RF TX: +10dBm (BR), Rx: -90dBm (DQPSK)

Apps Processor


Interpreted / Native VM


48kBytes RAM

1 x hardware breakpoint (Note: does not work in native mode)


Harware VM accelerator (MPU)


56kBytes RAM

4 x hardware breakpoints

Kalimba DSP


6kWords of PM (32-bit)

16kWords DM1 (24-bit)

12kWords DM2 (24-bit)


12kWords PM (32-bit)

32kWords DM1 (24-bit)

32kWords DM2 (24-bit)

Significantly lower power consumption 0.072mA per MIP @ 3.7V

Memory Architecture 32Mbit external flash (16-bit, 70ns) or 8/16Mbits stacked flash

16Mbit embedded flash (64-bit, 45ns)

Support for up to 64Mbit optional external quad SPI flash

Support for optional external SPI SRAM


2 x DAC 95dB SNR, 0.008%THD+N

2 x ADC 72dB SNR

2 x DAC 96dB SNR, 0.006%THD+N

2 x ADC 92dB SNR, 0.006%THD+N

Up to six digital microphone inputs

Power Management

1 x SMPS (>90% efficient)

1.3MHz, WWuH (1210) inductor

Integrated linear regulators

1 or 2 x SMPS (>90% efficient)

4MHz, 4.7uH (0805) inductor

SMPS frequency adjustable reduce EMI

USB 3.3V regulator

Integrated linear regulators

Battery Charger Support for charging Li-Ion batteries with up to 120mA charging current

New charger architecture with Instant-ON and fast charging support for up to 200mA with no external components

Up to 750mA using external pass device
Support for USB charging specification

Charger pre-calibrated by CSR

LEDs 2 hardware LED flashers with dim and fade, only available when chip is running

3 hardware LED controllers (for RGB or separate LEDs) with dim and fade

LEDs always operational (including deep sleep)

Interfaces 16 GPIOs multiplexed with UART, USB, PCM, I2S, SPDIF

More flexible GPIO architecture

14 dedicated GPIOS

UART, USB with charging support, PCM, I2S, SPDIF, I2C, SPI, LCD segment drive

Customer code security system

Capacitive Touch Not Supported 6 x capacitive touch sensors

8x8mm 169-pin BGA (0.5mm pitch) with external flash memory

7x7mm 120-ball BGA (0.5mm pitch) with internal stacked flash

6.5x6.5mm 112-pin BGA (0.5mm pitch)

79-pin WLCSP (0.5mm pitch)

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