We are pleased to announce that as of August 13, 2015, Qualcomm Global Trading Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, has completed its acquisition of CSR plc. For more information, please see the press release .

In-vehicle infotainment systems have evolved from traditional radios/CD players into much more flexible platforms. The rising popularity of digital music, streaming services and internet radio has seen many auto manufacturers shift focus to connected services and smartphones.  


CSR’s aptX® enables CD-like audio quality for Bluetooth® Stereo streaming to the head unit, or to rear-seat entertainment applications for watching movies or gaming. aptX eliminates lip and action-synchronisation issues, offering lower latency than other streaming methods, at approximately 40ms Vs ~150ms for A2DP streaming.

  • All of CSR’s latest automotive grade connectivity devices support aptX, including CSR8350™ and CSRC9300™. The AEC-Q100 qualified BlueCore5™ Multimedia chip  also supports aptX streaming
  • aptX enjoys widespread adoption in the consumer electronics industry and has become the preferred choice for high-fidelity Bluetooth streaming. Click on aptX for a list of the latest aptX enabled smartphones, tablets, headsets, speakers and other devices from leading audio brands
  • For the growing rear seat entertainment market, CSR8311 (CSR800™ platform) is able to drive a number of stereo headsets and remote controls, and also supports aptX

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