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BlueCore® CSR8510™ A10 WLCSP

CSR8510 is a Bluetooth® v4.0 single-chip radio and baseband IC for PCs and consumer electronics devices.

CSR8510’s dual-mode radio enables it to connect to the billions of Bluetooth products already on the market, as well as a new generation of Bluetooth low energy devices such as keyboards and remote controls.  It has a full-speed USB 2.0 interface and can operate in conjunction with a host stack or in standalone HID proxy mode, enabling PC, netbook and notebook designers to develop products with the latest in both high-speed and low energy technology.

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  • Fully qualified Bluetooth v4.0 system
  • Dual-mode Bluetooth/Bluetooth low energy operation
  • HCI mode operation with full Bluetooth stack
  • HID proxy mode for boot mode support and stackless operation
  • High-sensitivity Bluetooth and Bluetooth low energy receiver
  • Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 support without external power amplifier or TX/RX switch
  • Baseband processor running Bluetooth HCI firmware stack
  • Reference design with worldwide qualification
  • Green (RoHS compliant and no antimony or halogenated flame retardants)
  • Full-speed USB 2.0 interface
  • RFKill functionality for PCs (hardware and software radio enable controls)
  • WLAN coexistence interface
  • External EEPROM I2C interface
  • Integrated balun
  • Minimal external components required: 15 passives plus crystal
  • 28-ball WLCSP package
  • On-chip synthesizer
  • Internal power regulation for self-contained operation from USB vbus for dongles
  • Selectable I/O voltage
  • Real-time signal strength indicator (RSSI)

Computing devices including:

  • PCs
  • All-in-Ones
  • Laptops
  • Netbooks
  • Tablets

Embedded home entertainment devices including:

  • Digital TVs
  • Set-top Boxes

After-market low-power Bluetooth accessories:

  • USB dongles

The device incorporates auto-calibration and BIST routines to simplify development, type approval and production test.

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