We are pleased to announce that as of August 13, 2015, Qualcomm Global Trading Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, has completed its acquisition of CSR plc. For more information, please see the press release .

Bluetooth® Smart CSR101x Product Family

Single-chip µEnergy® radio with integrated microprocessor and enhanced memory for greater application flexibility.

CSR is the industry leader for Bluetooth® Smart, enabling Bluetooth Smart devices to transfer simple data sets between compact devices thereby opening up a whole new class of Bluetooth applications such as keyboards, mice, medical sensors, fitness training equipment, watches, TV remote controls, automotive keyless entry, advertising, indoor location, smart energy appliances and proximity tagging. To purchase CSR101x chip samples please visit Broadband (Worldwide), Digikey (Americas) and Future (Americas).

Many leading module suppliers have adopted CSR Bluetooth® Smart. These third party modules enable developers to easily and cost effectively integrate CSR’s award winning technologies into their applications – for example, CSRmesh™ is fully supported on all CSR101x modules to allow the development of innovative turnkey solutions for the IoT.


Key Features  
Bluetooth 4.1 low energy radio with direct single-ended 50Ω antenna connection 16-bit microprocessor with 64Kbytes RAM and 64Kbytes ROM
Switch Mode Power Supply Up to 4.4V direct supply connection for Li-poly batteries (CSR1010™ and CSR1012™) 
Master and slave operation Analog IOs and UART interface
PWMs and quadrature decoders 1 µA Integrated key scanning hardware
Peripheral (I2C) and debug interfaces (SPI) Up to 32 re-assignable programmable digital IOs
SDK with compiler and application examples Integrated Bluetooth 4.1 qualified stack


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Development Kit
Product Brief

Offers a compact pcb with peripherals to demonstrate proximity tag operation.

Part Number: DK-CSR1010-10136



Offers a pin header with full access to the CSR1011™ IO enabling easy prototyping and interface to external devices.

Part Number: DK-CSR1011-10138


Software Development Kit
Product Brief
Bluetooth® Smart Software Development Kit CSR µEnergy® SDK provides a complete graphical code development environment for the CSR µEnergy IC products


Starter Development Kit
Product Brief
Bluetooth® Smart Starter Development Kit The CSR µEnergy® Starter Development Kit provides a complete set of tools for the development of CSR µEnergy IC products




The latest SDK is available to download for registered CSR Support members with a valid activation code. If you're not already registered, please go to the CSR Support Registration page, and for details of how to locate, obtain, and use an activation code, please see the Activation Codes page on our Wiki.

Bluetooth Smart ICs

The SDK supports development for the following CSR µEnergy ICs:

Memory size* (code & data)
Digital IO
Data Sheet
Typical Applications

CSR1010™ (A05)



32 lead 5x5x0.6mm QFN 0.5mm pitch


Heart rate, cycle sensor, use with existing host micro

CSR1010D™ (A05)






32 lead 5x5x0.6mm QFN 0.5mm pitch

Extended temp variant of CSR1010

CSR1011™ (A05)



56 lead 8x8x0.9mm QFN 0.5mm pitch


Keyboard, remote control, advanced mouse

CSR1012™ (A05)



32 lead 4x4x0.65mm QFN 0.4mm pitch

Small form factor and Li-poly powered products

CSR1013™ (A05)

128Kbytes 12

32 bump             2.43x2.56x0.35mm WLCSP 0.4mm pitch

Ultra-thin, ultra-small form products such as wearables

*The CSR1010™, CSR1011™ and CSR1012™ IC products provide 64Kbytes of on-chip ROM for Bluetooth® 4.0 single mode stack and up to 64Kbytes for customer application and data

Mobile Applications

Android Apps (Google Play) - Coming Soon Profile Description
CSR Heart Rate View reported pulse information as RR-interval and beats per minute values as well as expended energy
CSR Cycling Speed View reported cycling speed, cadence and distance
CSR Running Speed View reported running speed, cadence and stride length information


iOS App (iTunes Store) Profile Description
Heart Rate Displays the heart rate information, such as BPM, RR value and Energy in kJ
Blood Pressure Reads blood pressure measurement information, such as Blood Pressure in mmHg or kPa and pulse rate in BPM
Glucose Reads blood glucose measurement information and related data from a glucometer
Security Tag Using Security Tag feature to send notification. e.g. Low/High alert
Health Thermometer Reads body temperature measurement information from a health thermometer
RSC Sensor Displays RSC measurement information, including instantaneous speed, instantaneous cadence in RPM, instantaneous stride length, and total distance in meters
CSC Sensor Displays CSC measurement information, such as average speed, wheel revolutions, and crank revolutions


Source Code

Source Code is available to registered members of CSR Support. If you're not already signed up, please click here.

iOS libraries & example code

Android App Source Code

Reference Designs are available to registered members of CSR Support. If you're not already signed up, please click here.

CSR1012 reference design manufacturing pack

CSR1011 reference design manufacturing pack

CSR1010 reference design manufacturing pack     




Example Designs are available to registered members of CSR Support. If you're not already signed up, please click here.

Keyboard Example Design

Laser Mouse Example Design

Running Shoe Example Design

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