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Bluetooth® Smart Environmental Sensor Board

CSR's µEnergy® Environmental Sensor Board enables developers to create the next generation of MEMS-enabled Bluetooth® Smart devices and to get them to market quickly. This add-on board to the CSR µEnergy Software Development Kit (SDK) provides Gyroscopic, Magnetic, Temperature, Pressure, Humidity and Acceleration MEMS sensors. 

Boards are available to purchase online from CSR's Sales & Solution Provider web shops. Alternatively, please go to the “Get this product” box below for details of CSR’s network of distributors, representatives, module suppliers and design houses in your country. Part number: DK-ENV_SENS-10224-1A.

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MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) are sub-millimetre devices able to sense mechanical information in their surroundings to enable the measurement of temperature, pressure, acceleration etc, and pass this to a microprocessor for processing. MEMS sensors are a key component in a vast array of consumer electronic devices, such as mobile handsets and tablets, games consoles, and wearable gadgets.

These devices provide the crucial input of data to make it possible to create a wide range of connected devices that enable the Internet of Things (IoT). Examples range from an accelerometer and magnetometer on a smartwatch to track movement and direction, to a temperature sensor that might be found in a smart heating controller.


The sensor board features the following sensors:

  • Temperature sensor - STMicroelectronics STTS751 sensor;
  • Pressure sensor - Saw Components T5400 sensor;
  • Humidity sensor - Sensirion SHT21 sensor;
  • Accelerometer sensor - Analog Devices ADXL362 sensor;
  • Magnetometer sensor - Aichi Steel AMI304E sensor;
  • Angular Rate sensor - InvenSense ITG3050 sensor.

CSR's µEnergy SDK is used to build the Environmental Sensor Application and download this to the board. This fulfils the role of the Environmental Sensor in the Environmental Sensor Profile and allows environmental data to be exposed.  Once downloaded, the application executes and pressing the button on the starter development kit board puts the sensor into discoverable mode.

The environmental data is received by the Environmental Collector part of the Environmental Profile which is supported by the CSR Profile Demonstrator Application that runs on a Windows PC. This is included as a part of the µEnergy SDK. A µEnergy Bluetooth dongle connected to the PC allows the Profile demonstrator to discover the Environmental Sensor and connect to it. Once the connection is established the Profile Demonstrator can be used to read data from each of the sensors on the board.

The user can experiment with the sensors to verify that data is being collected. Full source code for the Environmental Sensor is provided and it is possible to customize the software for further evaluation, or use these examples as the basis for further development of a new application to suit your needs.

The board is attached via a set of header sockets on the board. Once physically connected, power is provided from the development board which can be fitted with either a coin-cell battery or USB power cable.



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