We are pleased to announce that as of August 13, 2015, Qualcomm Global Trading Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, has completed its acquisition of CSR plc. For more information, please see the press release .

Bluetooth® Smart Modules

Many of the leading module vendors have adopted CSR Bluetooth® Smart. These third party modules enable developers to easily and cost effectively integrate CSR’s award winning Bluetooth Smart / Low Energy technology into their applications.

For many developers, the technology integration process can be complex, costly and time consuming. Which is why we’ve worked with some of the world’s leading module manufacturers to create pre-certified solutions that speed time to market and meet CSR’s technical qualification and quality requirements.


The third party module suppliers listed below, will be able to help you with all pricing, detailed features and purchasing inquiries.

Module Supplier Region Part Number CSR Device Data Sheet Sales Contact / Where to Buy
Adanis South Korea ADAO-1012 CSR1012 jhjung@adanis.co.kr
apmComm Taiwan APM1010 CSR1010 sales@apmcomm.com
AsiaRF Taiwan BTM001 CSR1010 paul@asiarf.com
AsiaRF Taiwan Tracker001 CSR1010 paul@asiarf.com
AtechOem Taiwan BL-4011 CSR1010 Click
Avi-on USA AVI-ON-1012 CSR1012 dana@avi-on.com
BARUN South Korea BM-LDS605 CSR1010 Sales_Module@bec.co.kr
BluePacket Taiwan BPM1010 CSR1010 sales@bluepacket.net
BluePacket Taiwan BPS1010-TAG CSR1010 sales@bluepacket.net
BluePacket Taiwan RS1001 CSR1010 sales@bluepacket.net
CC&C Technologies Taiwan BM-1010 CSR1010 market@ccandc.com.tw
CEL USA B1010SP0-1x CSR1010 sales@cel.com
DeviceDesign South Korea DDLCW-NMS1x CSR1010 ylchoi@dd-device.com
EGIGATEK Taiwan eGM-A20 CSR1010 jasen@egigatek.com.tw
EGIGATEK Taiwan eGM-A21 CSR1011 jasen@egigatek.com.tw
Ehong China EH-MC10 CSR1010 Sales@ehlink.com.cn
EnzyTek Taiwan BTM-C1010-2 CSR1010 sales@enzytek.com
EnzyTek Taiwan BTA-C1010-2 CSR1010 sales@enzytek.com
EnzyTek Taiwan BTM1011-2 CSR1011 sales@enzytek.com
EnzyTek Taiwan BTA1011-2 CSR1011 sales@enzytek.com
F1 Media South Korea F1LC10 CSR1010 sales@f1-media.com
Flairmicro China FLC-BTM101 CSR1010, CSR8811 Click
GooWi China GWLE1010A CSR1010 thomas.wei@goowi-tech.com
GooWi China GWLE1011A CSR1011 thomas.wei@goowi-tech.com
HANA Micron South Korea HBL2X1N CSR1010 sales@hanamicron.co.kr
Isung South Korea BMC1012 CSR1012 smith@isung.com
iTON China CB1010-8P CSR1010 Mark@sziton.com
iTON China CB1011-47P CSR1011 Mark@sziton.com
JianLing Taiwan BTC-658 CSR1011 gary.cy.liu@jianlingtech.com.tw
JL Tech Corporation South Korea BT40 CSR1010 sdkim365@gmail.com
Kaynes Technology India KT1010 CSR1010 nadeem.maniyar@kaynestechnology.net
LITEON Taiwan MB0100C CSR1010 Ralf.Liu@liteon.com
Microchip USA RN4020 CSR1010 Buy Direct
Mitsumi Japan WML-C75 CSR1012 Click
MtM Technology Taiwan M903L CSR1010 sales@mtmtech.com.tw 
nFore Taiwan NF1010E CSR1010 sales@nforetek.com
Partron South Korea BTMC1010 CSR1010 park.jihong@partron.co.kr 
Rayson Taiwan BTM800 CSR1010, CSR1011, CSR1012 sales@rayson.com
Rayson Taiwan BTM840 CSR1010 sales@rayson.com
Scientech Materials Taiwan MRB111 CSR1012 michael.wang@scientech-m.com
Smart Design Taiwan SBC2112 CSR1010 sales@smartdesign.com.tw
Soft Eletronica Brazil BLE-1010 MPCBA CSR1010 Sandro.ricci@softeletronica.com.br
Sunitec China BLE1012 CSR1010 sales@sunitec-cn.com
Sysgration Taiwan CSR1012 BLE Module CSR1012 alanchang@sysgration.com
Trusted Link China BLE010 CSR1010 Mason.song@trlinktek.com
Trusted Link China BLE011 CSR1011 Mason.song@trlinktek.com
Trusted Link China BLE012 CSR1012 Mason.song@trlinktek.com
Wieson Taiwan WM9800BD CSR1010 jameslai@wieson.com

Terms of Supply

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