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CSRmesh® Development Kit

CSRmesh® is a protocol running over Bluetooth® Smart that enables messages to be relayed over multiple Bluetooth Smart devices, allowing for comprehensive home automation connectivity solutions. The Development Kit introduces a simplified yet comprehensive development platform for product designers who want to rapidly prototype networking of Bluetooth Smart products using the CSRmesh protocol.

Many leading module suppliers have adopted CSR Bluetooth Smart. These third party modules enable developers to easily and cost effectively integrate CSR’s award winning technologies into their applications – for example, CSRmesh is fully supported on all CSR101x modules to allow the development of innovative turnkey solutions for the IoE.

Kits are available to purchase online from CSR's Sales & Solution Provider web shops. Alternatively, please go to the “Get this product” box below for details of CSR’s network of distributors, representatives, module suppliers and design houses in your country.

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The CSRmesh Development Kit provides a complete set of tools for evaluation and software development.

  • Development Boards
  • CSR xIDE software development environment
  • USB programmer and interface cables
  • Example CSRmesh applications for the Development Board
  • Example host applications and source code for Smartphones, supporting
    • Google Android
    • Apple  iOS*

All necessary software must be downloaded from CSR to ensure that the latest versions are available to developers. An activation code is provided with each kit that should be used to unlock access to the necessary files.

The Development boards are normally powered from 2 x AA batteries (included), but can also be run from the host USB connection.

Additional Boards can be purchased if necessary to make a larger network.

* in development

The CSRmesh Development Board features:

  • CSR1010 IC with size EEPROM
  • PCB antenna
  • 1x RGB LED
  • 2x user pushbuttons
  • 1x user slide switch
  • Power switch
  • SPI programming connector
  • 2x AA battery holders on reverse
  • Pads to connect IO to external devices


The CSRmesh Development Kit

(DK-CSR1010-10184-1A) contains:

  •  Target boards (3 off)
  •  USB-SPI programmer (1 off) and Connecting cables (2 off)
  •  AA alkaline batteries (3 pairs)
  •  Printed Setup Guide

The CSRmesh Board Kit

(DB-CSR1010-10185-1A) contains:

  • Target boards (1 off)
  •  AA alkaline batteries (1 pair)


  •  Lighting
  •  Home Automation
  •  Sensor network

The Bluetooth® Smart solution allows developers to network individual or groups of devices, such as a smartphone or tablet with lighting, heating or appliances. Included within the CSRmesh Development Kit is the CSR1010 IC.  

Please Note: Available now from your local CSR approved distributor. You may be required to complete some verification to comply with export control regulations. The specifics of this verification will depend on your location. This may delay your ability to access the downloads immediately.

CSRmesh Development Kit download and installation instructions can be found on the CSR Wiki 

User Guides, Application Notes, Schematics, Example Applications and Release Notes are available on purchase.

CSRmesh FAQs (PDF) in English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, and Korean.

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