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DDFA®: CSRA6600™ & CSRA6601™

This DDFA® chipset combines with precision output stages to provide all the control functions for high quality, high power, digital input class D switching amplifiers.

The DDFA chipset (CSRA6600™ & CSRA6601™) provides a scalable amplifier architecture with typical power levels from 25W to 100W. The chipset approach also allows performance level options to be selected. Up to 8 amplifier channels can be configured from each CSRA6601, with single ended or BTL connection available. Channels not used as amplifiers can be configured as high performance DAC outputs to drive headphones or subwoofers. High resolution digital inputs are supported with sample rate up to 192kHz and 32 bit resolution through 4 independent ports. Per channel DSP provides flexible mixing and mapping, EQ and delay. The EQ facilities enabling digital crossover implementation and speaker impedance compensation as well as parametric EQ.

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  • CSRA6601: 8 channel digital modulator.
    I2S digital audio inputs, mixing and multiplexing, parametric EQ, limiting and compression volume control, integrated protection, SPI digital control.
  • CSRA6600: 4 channel Analogue Feedback Processor (AFP).
  • Targeted amplifier designs:
    Options in channel count, power and configuration matching application needs. DAC and digital outputs facilitate wired and wireless connection for subwoofers and headphones.
Linear (Class AB)
Analogue Class D
Open-Loop Digital
Closed-Loop Digital (DDFA)
Performance x
Efficiency x
Digital Connectivity x x
User Configurable Pre-Amp Features x x
  •  Outstanding sound quality
  •  Typical power levels from 25W to 100W into 8Ω
  •  THD+N 0.004%
  •  Dynamic range 120dB
  •  Residual output noise <60µV rms
  •  High efficiency Class D architecture
  •  Compatible with high resolution digital audio sources
  •  Supports input sample rate up to 192kHz and resolution to 32 bits
  •  On chip DSP resources
  •  Platform solutions with CSR wireless and DSP products
  • Complete audio platform solutions provide a quick and easy route to product development
  • Scalable design can be used across several models in a range
  • DDFA offers an improved audio performance at the product price point
  • High efficiency Class D architecture results in smaller PSUs
  • Feedback technology enables the use of unregulated supplies
  • Digital input compatible with high resolution sources means no need for input DAC

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