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DirectOffice® Embedded Print

DirectOffice® Embedded Print software for printers and multifunction peripherals (MFPs) renders Microsoft® Office documents into high-fidelity output for viewing and printing.

Today, more and more business users are working away from their desks and PCs. Documents are often stored in the cloud or on mobile storage devices and accessed on phones and tablets. Users want an easy way to accurately print documents wherever they are stored and from whatever device they are using.

DirectOffice Embedded Print enables convenient walk-up printing. The DirectOffice Embedded Print software resides within the printer firmware and renders documents directly on the printer, enabling printing from virtually any source. DirectOffice is designed around the Office Open XML Specification and includes a complete front emulation solution, ensuring high-fidelity output.

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Robust Feature Set

CSR's team of software engineers, with years of experience in creating print interpreters for page description languages (PDLs), have applied their expertise to create similar technology for directly printing Office documents. Our engineering team's approach begins with the understanding that output from our solution must closely match Microsoft Office output. To ensure this, DirectOffice Embedded Print supports all popular Word, Excel and PowerPoint features. From correctly placing lines of text, paragraphs, text boxes and header/footers, to accurately displaying images, shapes, tables, WordArt, SmartArt and other objects, all while retaining the line and page in the original document. DirectOffice Embedded Print offers a dependable way to print and view Microsoft Office files.











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Walk-up Printing Support

Walk-up printing support for TIFF, JPEG, PDF and XPS files is already a common feature in today's printers and MFPs, but support for the most popular file formats—Word, Excel and PowerPoint is missing. Now, for the first time, high-fidelity, walk-up printing of Office documents is available with DirectOffice Embedded Print. The DirectOffice Embedded Print software adheres to the Office Open XML standard to ensure high-fidelity output, includes font matching to emulate PC fonts in small memory footprint and to avoid costly licensing requirements, and requires only limited memory typical in an embedded environment.

Enables walk-up printing of Office documents from:

  • USB flash drives and memory cards
  • Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices
  • Cloud storage, network folders, document repositories and the web

Enables desktop printing of Office documents from:

  • Hot-folders and pass-through apps
  • Web interfaces and email
  • Popular file formats: supports the most popular business document types—Word, Excel and PowerPoint from Office '97 through Office '13
  • High-fidelity rendering: closely matches the output from Microsoft Office
  • Innovative font emulation: emulates 400 fonts across 30 international languages in a small memory footprint with no licensing restriction or additional costs
  • Multiple output formats: emits PostScript and PDF PDLs or can render directly to PNG and TIFF
  • Flexible integration: delivered in Java or C++, as a library or as full source, for easiest and most flexible OEM integration

Format Support:

  • Word (.doc, .docx)
  • Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
  • PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx)

Version Support:

  • Microsoft® Office '97 - '13

Output Formats:

  • PostScript
  • PDF
  • PNG
  • TIFF

Programming Languages:

  • C++
  • Java

Quality Assurance:

  • QualityLogic ATS
  • Aimtex
  • ISO

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