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DirectOffice® Mobile SDK

DirectOffice® Mobile SDK adds native, high-fidelity Office document rendering to your iOS and Android™ applications.

Today, more and more business users are working away from their desks and PCs. Documents are often stored in the cloud or on mobile storage devices and accessed on phones and tablets.  Users expect existing Office documents to look the same on their mobile device as they do on their desktop PCs. DirectOffice Mobile SDK enables Office document viewing and printing with PC-like fidelity in your mobile app.

DirectOffice Mobile SDK is a standalone library you add to your app. Documents are securely rendered directly on the device in your app's sandbox. DirectOffice Mobile SDK works on iOS and Android giving the same great fidelity and consistent user experience across devices.

Matching the fonts contained in the original document is key to great looking output. DirectOffice Mobile SDK includes an intelligent font matching system to ensure that the text and document layout appear as intended.

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Enterprise users invest time building compelling materials. DirectOffice protects that investment on mobile devices with the PC-like rendering of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF documents that enterprise users demand.

DirectOffice correctly places paragraphs, text boxes and headers/footers; accurately draws images, shapes, tables, WordArt and SmartArt; and retains the line and page breaks of the original document.

These screen shots demonstrate the DirectOffice fidelity advantage over built-in mobile viewers.




















To download the original Word document used to create the images above,click here 


DirectOffice Mobile SDK includes a complete font system supporting hundreds of fonts in worldwide languages, including Eastern European languages, Western European languages, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

DirectOffice Mobile SDK uses an intelligent matching mechanism to ensure the highest quality output, in the smallest possible footprint. By applying correct character metrics to the substitute fonts, DirectOffice Mobile SDK preserves the original document layout while maintaining the look and style of the original fonts.


DirectOffice Mobile SDK is a standalone software library. Document rendering is done directly on-device. No cloud connection is needed. No preprocessing of documents is required.

Documents are securely rendered directly on the device in your app's sandbox. No need to hand-off documents to another app for viewing.

DirectOffice Mobile SDK works on iOS and Android giving the same great fidelity and user experience across devices.

  • Enables high-fidelity document viewing in mobile apps
  • Provides secure on-device rendering
  • Supports iOS and Android operating systems
  • Includes complete font solution
  • Popular file formats: supports the most popular business document types — Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF
  • High-fidelity rendering: closely matches the output from Microsoft® Office on a PC
  • Innovative font emulation: emulates 400 fonts across 30 international languages in a small memory footprint with no licensing restrictions or additional costs to the developer
  • Multiple output formats: converts Microsoft Office files directly to PNG, TIFF, PDF, or PostScript
  • Flexible integration: standalone library available for both iOS and Android™ with full source code for sample app
  • Secure: native on-device rendering

Input Formats

  • Microsoft Office
    • Word, PowerPoint, Excel 
    • Office ‘97 – Office 2013
    • XML and binary formats
  • PDF 
    • Acrobat X (ISO 32000-1:2008 Extension Level 8) 
  • JPEG

Output Formats

  • PostScript
  • PDF
  • PNG
  • TIFF

Operating Systems

  • Android
  • iOS

Quality Assurance

  • Quality Logic ATS
  • Jeita
  • Aimtex
  • ISO

Terms of Supply

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