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High-End Soundbar Platform

The development kit for the High-End Soundbar example design contains everything required for rapid evaluation and development of a high-end 3.1ch Soundbar with HDMI®, SPDIF and wired analog inputs, Bluetooth®, wireless Subwoofer, extended Post Processing, including CSR's license-free meloD® suite, standard and HD decoders up to Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD™ as well as an infrared remote control.

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The High-end Soundbar Example Design utilizes CSR’s MAPX™ 8-Series audio processor and BlueCore® CSR8670™ Bluetooth® Chip (supporting aptX®), as well as an HDMI® Chip, NFC Tag and LCD display.

CSR’s MAPX 8-Series is a high performance, integrated audio system-on-chip (SoC). MAPX integrates 3 DSP cores, high quality audio inputs and outputs (ADCs/DACs/PWM), multiple digital inputs and outputs (SPDIF/I2S), USB host, I2C, SPI and UART interfaces. MAPX drives the CSR8670 Bluetooth device over UART and covers the system, LCD display and HDMI chip control.

The High-End Soundbar example design takes advantage of CSR’s Subwoofer Audio Transfer (SWAT) technology. This protocol and control mechanism allows the Soundbar and Subwoofer to establish a high quality low latency and low frequency wireless subwoofer link.The Wireless Subwoofer Example Design PCB is centred around CSR’s cost effective, dedicated Subwoofer Bluetooth device, CSRA65700™.

The evaluation experience starts straight out-of-the-box, with all kit components being pre-configured with default settings. Customisation of the platform is achieved using CSR provided software and configuration tools.

  • HD Decoding
    • DTS-HD™ (M6) including DTS Neo:6
    • Dolby® TrueHD
    • Dolby Digital Plus
  • MAPX™ 8 advanced audio DSP
    • 432MHz triple core DSP
    • 1296MIPS
    • 1024k + 8192k RAM
  • Voice Prompts 
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy remote control option 
  • Party Mode 
  • Bluetooth
    • A2DP (SBC, mp3, AAC, aptX® options)
    • AVRCP
    • SWAT Wireless Subwoofer
    • NFC initiated Bluetooth pairing
  • 3.1 channel
  • Standby power <0.5W
  • Wakeup from Standby if a signal is sensed at ADC, SPDIF, HDMI CEC, BT, NFC
  • Analog & SPDIF inputs
  • HDMI®: 2 In/1 Out, CEC, ARC, 4K
  • Audio file playback from USB stick
  • Firmware update from USB stick
  • Lip-Sync audio delay
  • Dolby/DTS decoding (optional)
  • IR or Bluetooth Low Energy remote control, IR learning
  • LCD or LED display support
  • Advanced Post Processing

MAPX™ Soundbar Post Processing

CSR meloD® suite post processing

3rd Party post processing & decoders (subject  to license)

  • meloD MATRIX
  • meloD AROUND Pro
  • meloD BASS+
  • meloD NIGHT+
  • meloD VOLUME+
  • meloD VOICE+
  • Bass Management
  • Parametric Equalizer
  • Lip-Sync Audio Delay
  • Stereo Widening
  • Output Limiter (Clipping Limiter)
  • Phase Inverter for Subwoofer
  • Subwoofer Level Adjust
  • Bass/Treble/Loudness
  • Graphic Equalizer
  • Multichannel Mixer blocks
  • Speaker Downmix
  • Noise and Wave Generator
  • Active Crossover
  • DTS™ TruSurround HD and HD4
  • DTS Multichannel TruVolume HD
  • DTS StudioSound II
  • Dolby® Volume
  • Dolby Virtual Speaker
  • Dolby Headphone
  • ZIRENE® SOUND AM3D (demo)
  • DTS-HD (M6) including DTS Neo:6
  • Dolby TrueHD
  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • DTS Digital Surround 96/24  (DTS Core Decoder)
  • Dolby Digital 2.0, 5.1 and EX
  • Dolby ProLogic II and IIx
  • AAC decoding from SPDIF and/or HDMI input
Development Kit  Part Number Tools & Support Product Brief
High-End Soundbar Platform DK-HDSB1.1-10228-1A
Kit Contents: Main Soundbar Board with MAPX™ 8 & CSR8670™ Module, LCD/UI Board, HDMI® Board, & Power Boards. Subwoofer Main Board with CSRA65700™ Module, Programmer Interface, IR Remote Control & 2 x PSUs
Resources on CSR Support: A design database with Schematics, Layout & BoM; all MAPX tools & software; all Bluetooth® tools & patches for CSR8670 & CSRA65700
MAPX™ 8 - Series DK-A67170-10143-1A Kit Contents: The MAPX™ 8-Series Evaluation Kit includes a main MAPX™ Evaluation Board, HDMI® Expansion Board, LCD Expansion Board, Remote Control, Power Supply, UART Cable, USB to I2C Converter, RCA Cable (x2), Board Interconnect Cable (x2), USB A-B Cable & I2C Cable
CSRA65700™ DK-CSRA65700-10175-1A Kit Contents: CSRA65700™ Module, Module Carrier Board, Headphone Amplifier Stage, I2S & Analog Amplifier Stage, USB-SPI Converter, Cables, Headphones, Quick Start Guide & Battery

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