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Proximity Beacon Development Kit

CSR's Proximity Beacon Development Kit provides a simplified yet comprehensive development platform for product designers who want to rapidly develop and prototype Bluetooth® Smart beacons in real world use cases.

Many leading module suppliers have adopted CSR Bluetooth® Smart. These third party modules enable developers to easily and cost effectively integrate CSR’s award winning technologies into their applications.

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A Beacon is a device that uses Bluetooth® low energy advertising to periodically transmit a small amount of data. A Bluetooth smart ready Smartphone or tablet can scan for these advertising messages. On receiving the advertising message from the Beacon the Smartphone can initiate an event as well as measure the receive signal strength to give an indication of range. Many beacons may be distributed in a system, and the Application running on the handset can use the contents of the advertising packet to determine what action to take.

Smart beacons have the ability to provide that all important “context” to your smart device. This all plays in to the bigger picture and vision for the Internet of Everything. By knowing your context, your IoE devices can start to anticipate your needs, no longer relying on the user to have to micro manage every aspect of the new connected world. 

The CSR Proximity Beacon Development Kit provides a complete set of tools for evaluation and software development of Beacons.

  • Beacon Development Boards
  • Plastic Beacon Enclosures
  • CSR xIDE software development environment
  • USB programmer and interface cables
  • Example beacon applications for the Development Board
  • iOS example host application and source code (only available to iBeacon licensees)

All necessary software must be downloaded from CSR Customer Support to ensure that the latest versions are available to developers. An activation code is provided with each kit that should be used to unlock access to the necessary files.

More details can be found on the CSR Beacons Wiki

Additional Boards can be purchased if necessary to make a larger network.

The CSR Proximity Beacon Development Kit provides a complete set of tools for the evaluation and development of Bluetooth Smart Beacons. For iBeacon licensees the iBeacon BDK enables development and deployment of iBeacon compatible devices with a minimum of code development. 

Please Note: Available now from your local CSR approved distributor. You may be required to complete some verification to comply with export control regulations and iBeacon licence conditions. The specifics of this verification will depend on your location. This may delay your ability to access the downloads immediately.

CSR Proximity Beacon Development Kit download and installation instructions can be found on the CSR Wiki. (https://wiki.csr.com/wiki/Beacons).

The CSR Proximity Beacon Development Board Features:

  • CSR1010 IC with EEPROM
  • Patented Directional Antenna
  • SPI programming connector
  • 2x AA battery holders on reverse

The CSR Proximity Beacon Development Kit (DK-CSR1010-10232-1A) contains:

  • Beacon Development Boards and enclosure (3 off)
  • USB-SPI programmer (1 off) and connecting cables (2 off)
  • AA alkaline batteries (3 pairs)
  • Printed Setup Guide

The CSR Proximity Beacon Expansion Kit (DK-CSR1010-10233-1A) contains:

  • Beacon Development Boards and enclosures (3 off)
  • AA alkaline batteries (3 pairs)

Example Applications

  • Generic Beacon Example
  • iBeacon Development kit (available to iBeacon licensees only)

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