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CSR SyncLock™ is at the core of CSR’s VibeHub™ Multiroom Audio Platform and enables a high quality and flexible audio routing experience with multi-room synchronization when listening to digital or analog media content throughout the home across a range of connected audio devices.

The VibeHub platform for Multi-room audio uses SyncLock technology, which has been developed for broadcast Audio Over IP applications. SyncLock distributes audio over the network and enables tight synchronization between speakers, meaning there is no noticeable time-lapse experienced by listeners. The system can also support multi-user scenarios, giving users the option to listen to different music in different rooms, from a variety of different sources.

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The VibeHub platform gives developers a way to create whole home audio systems that are quick and easy to bring to market. CSR’s industry proven technology can be easily integrated and gives developers flexibility to differentiate their designs and determine the end-user experience.

CSR has developed Android™ and iOS apps to control the system which can be easily reskinned by end brands to fit with their look and feel. Many controllers can be used concurrently, enabling a true multi-user, multi-room audio experience.

For consumers the creation of the flexible SyncLock ecosystem means they can pick and choose any device carrying the SyncLock logo, regardless of manufacturer, and be safe in the knowledge that they are fully interoperable and will work seamlessly together.

Common music sources including Windows PC, Android, as well as Apple iOS and OSX devices are interoperable. The system allows bridging into a network via existing protocols which lowers the cost of entry for the consumer as they can use existing music sources in the home.

The SyncLock technology inside VibeHub enabled products allows for more connectivity options than any other solution on the market, including Bluetooth®, Bluetooth Smart, 802.11n, Ethernet, SPDIF as well as analog jacks. The VibeHub takes advantage of CSR aptX® coding technologies for high-quality audio over a Bluetooth connection and a higher bitrate version with forward error correction (FEC) for IP networks.

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